First graduation of IQHSB

13 Jun в 3:40 PM

The very first graduates of the school graduated from Iqanat High School of Burabay this year. Of the 92 students, 21 were awarded the "Altyn belgi" award, and 19 graduated with honors. According to the results of the UNT, the average indicator of graduates is 105 points. The highest score was received by Sabit Kanagat from the Zhambyl region (134). Also, our students received invitations from the best universities in the world and the country, such as the University of Chicago (USA), Purdue University (USA), George Washington University (USA), Concordia University (Canada), Vytautas the Great University (Lithuania), Cyprus International University (Cyprus), Xiamen University of Malaysia ​​(Malaysia). We wish all our graduates a happy journey and a successful, effective, and interesting student life!