30 Mar в 1:00 PM

On February 19, our school hosted an IQTalks event, organized by a 10th grade student Yergazy Diaz. The purpose of the event is to support future graduates, share personal experiences, answer students' questions. The first speaker was Diana Maratova, an English teacher, who shared about the difficulties in the graduating class, student life, academic mobility, and community service. The headmaster of the school, Arnur Zhumakhanovich, spoke on the topic of choosing a profession, the importance of setting goals and modern skills. The last speaker to speak was Tausif Ahmet Khan, a foreign school teacher, who spoke about the peculiarities of life in Kazakhstan, shared his emotions about things that greatly surprise him in our country. At the end of the event, students asked questions and shared their emotions. IQTalks is planned to be held monthly.