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• Value-based community.

• Flexible academic program with in-depth lessons in mathematics and English.

• Intensive university preparatory and career guidance program.

• A wide range of additional classes in three areas: academic, sports, art.

• Social practices and community service.

• Digital learning environment.



The IQHSB curriculum is designed to help each student in their endeavors and offer in-depth preparation for college entrance.

The main academic block, corresponding to the state compulsory education standard, consists of the following subjects:

• Algebra & Analysis

• Geometry

• Informatics

• Kazakh language

• Literature

• Russian language

• English language

• History of Kazakhstan

• Initial Military Training

• Physical Education

Particular attention is paid to the development of students' knowledge and skills in mathematics and English, which are taught in depth.

The elective block consists of the following subjects, three of which are chosen by each student:

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Biology

• Geography

• World History

• Fundamentals of Law

• Graphics and Design

• Business Fundamentals

• Economics

Elective subjects are taught at two levels: standard and enhanced. Students will be assigned to levels in depending on their knowledge and skills.

Value guidelines are a prerequisite for the educational space of the school.

Values are formed in the process of lesson, extracurricular, extracurricular, socially useful activities of students.

Extracurricular activities of students include projects: "Success Stories" - meeting interesting people; creative contests, sports competitions in sports; “IQ Talks” - a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas; EcoLife - environmental projects, maintenance of the school grounds.

Additional education is aimed at developing creative motivation, self-development, the formation of healthy lifestyle skills and consists of three blocks of subjects, circles, sports sections. Each student must choose at least one subject from each block.

Academic Block

• Academic Writing

• Programming

• Advanced Physics /Chemistry / Biology

• Foreign languages 

• Preparation for UNT / SAT

• Model UN club

• Debate club



• Musical instruments


• Design and design 

• Vocals / choreography

• Cinema lovers club



• Қazaқ kүresi

• Asyқ oyndar

• Running

• Team sports: football, basketball, volleyball

• Winter sports: skiing / skating


Curriculum Schools and the school community prioritize student welfare and health as a top priority. A student's weekly workload does not exceed 30 academic hours. A sufficient amount of time is devoted to additional education, sports, and active pursuits.