IQanat High School of Burabay

Boarding school for gifted children. Here they not only teach, but also instill a culture of openness, responsibility, freedom and self-realization. Here they do not just receive a certificate, but make plans, define their goals and achieve them.

iqanat school

The school is based
on the ideas of Abay




IQanat High School of Burabay is a boarding school for 200 talented students in grades 10-11 from rural areas, finalists of the republican stage of the IQanat Olympiad.

The school was designed according to Finnish technologies: it is pleasant to study and comfortable to live in. Here, experienced teachers teach the future intellectual elite of the country according to international standards.

And all this is on the shores of Lake Burabay, in one of the most beautiful natural parks in Kazakhstan.



This page is for IQanat High School of Burabay applicants



25.05 - 31.08

Orientation week


The beginning of the 1st half of the year


End of the 1st half of the year

26.12 – 24.01

Winter holidays


The beginning of the 2nd half of the year


End of the 2nd half of the year

25.05 - 31.08

Orientation week

IQanat Fund

The charitable public foundation «IQanat Education Fund» is engaged in supporting students from rural schools in Kazakhstan in obtaining quality education and entering local and world universities.
- Republican Olympiad «IQanat» for students of rural schools
- A program designed to help students from rural schools to enter universities
- Mentoring program for students in rural schools
- Summer internships abroad for rural students.

Each of you is valuable and unique!

We do not only want you to choose a university for further education but also find what you are passionate about because high school is the last stage of your secondary education before you enter your adulthood.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Arnur Madenov




Orda is a community of students in grades 10 and 11, linked by a common goal and team spirit. The distribution of students to Ordas is carried out at the beginning of the school year by drawing lots. Each Orda has a coach and mentor. The Orda hosts a school-wide extracurricular event once a year.

Additional education

In order to create conditions for the development of creative and cognitive motivation, self-development, the formation of healthy lifestyle skills and the organization of students' leisure at school, the clubs and sections are available in the following seven areas: linguistic, intellectual, technical, arts and crafts, artistic and aesthetic, sports, household economics. Our school supports and promotes any student initiatives to conduct their activities.

Student Нouse

Student House is not only a comfortable living area for students, but also a venue for evening activities with tutors, free communication, board games, «Cooking club» and much more.

Leisure time

Cozy karaoke and movie evenings, hiking, cycling in the warm season all have become the traditions of the weekend at school. Skating, skiing and tubing in winter. Each student can become an event organizer and fill their leisure time with interesting content.

Student responsibilities

Students maintain cleanliness and order in the classrooms, gym, dining room and living rooms. They wash the floors in classrooms and Student House. They do daily cleaning in the living rooms. In the dining room the students on duty help with cleaning the dishes and tables. They carry out work on preparing vegetables for cooking: peeling potatoes, carrots and onions.